Excursions in Egypt: a little history

A few years ago, travelers in Egypt purchased excursions only from the guides of their tour operators. However, this is not profitable: Companies inflate prices (after all, this is an additional income for tour companies) and in fact transfer tourists to local organizers of various excursions.

In parallel, local sellers of excursions have always worked (distributors on the streets of the city and in hotels, on the beach), who, like tour operators, after selling the program, transfer your reservation to the organizers of excursions.

At the same time, their price is noticeably lower than the hotel guide offers, intimidating tourists that it is unsafe for “such street agencies”, you will definitely be deceived, “tour. insurance will not work” and many other myths.

Remember! Travel insurance is valid throughout the territory of the country where you are flying (whether it is a hotel, desert or sea).